M Music Publishing

The music publishing company M Music Publishing is based in the centre of Munich and produces music recordings and scores for composers. The music recordings can be published worldwide by the music label M Music Records in all download and streaming portals. The scores are available in print and digital distribution. The music publisher M Music Publishing also produces special loan scores of any kind for soloists, choirs and orchestras and jazz orchestras.

Music productions can be recorded in our in-house recording studio “M Music Studio” in Munich or mobile at any location by “Audio Record for “Classical Concert Recordings in Munich“. We are happy to receive inquiries of any kind and invite you to visit our music publishing house in Munich at any time.


The music publishing company M Music Publishing rents all works by Kristjan Järvi, which are listed under “Releases”.

Rental sheet music and scores of Kristjan Järvi can be ordered from M Music Publishing at: contact@m-music-publishing.de (contact person: Leonid Peleshev).